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Making Your Business Grow

Business Grow can -

- Produce professionally-written publicity articles and content for your website,

  printed promotional media and other corporate requirements.

- Craft eye-catching business biographies and newsletters.

- Create business newsletters for in-house and external use.

- Write press releases, business-generating 'SmartFaxes,' seminar summaries,

  marketing documents, and more.

To boost your sales, Business Grow has a growing range of turnkey business marketing packages and strategies. Find out more below......

For a quick overview of Business Grow's products and services, please open this Business Dashboard.
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Business Grow Corporate Profile

Breakthrough Marketing Essentials


Sponsored, high-quality, information-packed articles that can be distributed to members of professional business groups in Japan.

- Business Newsletters

- Executive Focus Newsletters

- Executives on the Move

- Asia Business Intelligence

- Corporate Newsletters

Long version – for regular publication. Brochure.
Regular version – For 1-off or irregular news. Can easily be converted into press releases. Brochure.


A Business Bio is a premium marketing product that carefully blends head-turning graphics and design work with a professionally written business biography about you and your business.

A Business Bio reviews, highlights and underlines your credibility, achievements, skill set and experience to make you and/or your company more attractive to customers, affiliates, partners, media and investors.


Allow Business Grow's team of professional business writers to present yourself and your company's key sales points in an effective, memorable and articulate way.

We can summarize your entire business clearly and succinctly into one eye-catching document that can sell you and your business.


Find out more -

- Business Bio Profile Pack (pdf file)

- Business Bio Samples (pdf file)
- Business Bio sample (1-page) (pdf file)
- Business Bio sample (1-page)-b (pdf file)




Sponsored, high-quality, information-packed advertising that can be distributed to members of professional business groups in Japan.

- InfoPaks - Custom-designed 1-10+-page newsletters that provide your free use-

  right-now advice to potential customers, and proactively markets your company

  to them at the same time.                                                       

                                                                                                   50,000 yen / page

 Sample InfoPaks:

    -  Discover Your Sales Points               - Launching a CSR strategy

    -  Creating a Press Kit



- SMARTFaxes - Smartly designed faxes that not only provide information to recipients,

  but also help you sell more through use of carefully placed advertising promoting

  your products and services.

- Press Releases - Use press releases to announce new products, achievements, 

  completion of projects, and more.


Click on the following links to download information about 12 cutting edge business marketing tools that can help you market you business to virtually any potential customer.     

BMW Part 1 - Promotion Pack, corporate newsletters, business newsletters

BMW Part 2 - Business Bio

BMW Part 3 - SmartMarketing Toolkit

BMW Part 4  - InfoPacks

BMW Part 5 - Customized e-books

BMW Part 6 - ProductTRIAL

Business Benefits Pack - A deal-making viral marketing system that markets your business - even when you don't.  Brochure

Outstanding business promotion tools for outstanding businesses.
Find out about business Bio, corporate newsletters, business dashboards and corporate profiles.



High-quality, professionally written e-books, strategies and packages tailored specifically for corporate use and aimed at broadening exposure and increasing sales for companies.


- Professional Writing and Editing Services  Click here for: Brochure

- Media Readiness Pack A market-proven industry insider's DIY guide for   

  business people and entrepreneurs who want to secure quality media publicity for their

  businesses - without spending a fortune.     Click here for: MRP content sample

 Two sections cover:

 - PREPARE - How to prepare your business to be published should an editor call.

 - PROACTIVE - How to proactively promote your business to an editor.


  Includes guide to creating a press kit, sample media introduction letters, how to send

  an article pitch to an editor, and more.                                                      

                                                                                                              25,000 yen



- Press Kit Guide - A laser-focused guide to creating a Press Kit that will help  

  you gain valuable media publicity for your business. Learn how to create a Press Kit,

  what to include, and how to be prepared to supply your Press Kit to writers/editors to

  help you gain valuable media publicity for your business. FREE on request.

- Press Kit Production Package - Business Grow can work with you to create a  

  customized Press Kit - an important tool packed with information about your business,

  products and services to promote your company to media organizations.


  Business Grow can -

•  Provide a Press Kit template and work with you to create a customized

    Press Kit - an important tool for promoting your company to media


•  Help you identify your sales points and write attention-grabbing business

    summaries and sound bites about your company.

•  Discuss and create a business promotion strategy to promote your

    business to your target market.

•  Give you tips for how to store and use your Press Kit.

Click here for: Press Kit Production Package brochure


                                                                                                             25,000 yen


- SMART Marketing Toolkit - 6 heavily discounted business marketing packages and

  turnkey strategies to help you grow your business. Commission sales arrangements

  also available for authorized Resellers (see below).

- SMART Marketing Toolkit [Updated]

- SMART Marketing Toolkit [Reseller version] - [Not for general sale.]

- Business Marketing Toolkit

- Special Business Offers - 7 free and discounted business marketing tools and   

  strategies to help you grow your business.

- Business Marketing Strategies - 8 smart marketing tools, strategies and information to

  help you promote your business, sell through other companies, get published and sell     more.

- ProductTRIAL Brochure - An innovative system that can put your key products

  and services in front of your dream customers, enables them to experience the benefits

  for themselves under 'live' conditions, and that provides you with feedback to help you

  tweak your products and services into exactly what your customers want to buy.

   Consulting charge and Incentive Pack fees apply.

   Please enquire for more information.

- Seminar Summaries – Concise, easy-to-read summaries of business and other types

  of seminars.


Impact Resumes are custom-designed, full color resumes that ensure job-seekers will STAND OUT from the crowd and drastically improve their chances of getting noticed – and hired – by employers.


- Green Office Checklist -




- Business Booster Pack - Contains 12 powerful marketing tools, reports, discounts and turnkey strategies that can help users market their businesses to virtually any potential customer, present the perfect sales pitch every time, obtain valuable media publicity, market and sell through other peoples’ networks, rapidly expand their customer bases, access professional writing/editing services, launch a CSR strategy, ‘green’ their business, and help the environment.

- MediaSMART Pack Standard brochure (pdf file)                                      69,000 yen

- MediaSMART Pack Standard brochure (NEW)  (pdf file)


- MediaSMART Pack Premium brochure (pdf file)                                       99,000 yen

- MediaSMART Pack Premium brochure (NEW) (pdf file)

- MediaSMART Pack Consult brochure (pdf file - for Tokyo-based customers only)

                                                                                                            125,000 yen

- MediaSMART Pack short brochure (pdf file)




- Entrepreneur Pack - Marketing tools, strategies and information to help you start and

  promote your business, get published and sell more (pdf file)

- Sales Booster Pack - This comprehensive package of products has been designed

  for one purpose - to help businesses like yours sell more. The Sales Booster Pack

  contains a high value suite of powerful business tools and sales incentive strategies

  to help you obtain media exposure, cut costs and boost sales.

- Sales Booster Pack Basic brochure

- Sales Booster Pack Standard brochure (pdf file)

- Sales Booster Pack Pro brochure (pdf file)

- ANZCCJ Sales Booster Pack (pdf file)

- SmartStep brochure (pdf file)



- CSR Rewards - An easy-to-use clip-on Corporate Social Responsibility system that

  efficiently spreads financial benefits among environmental, community and charitable

  organizations, and helps businesses sell more.

  Includes Setup guide, list of charities and environmental organizations, introduction  


  Click here for: CSR Rewards brochure & sample content (pdf file)  

  Click here for: CSR Rewards InfoPak (pdf file)  

                                                                                                               69,000 yen


- Affiliate Program - An easy-to-implement turnkey system that quickly helps users

  create an affiliate network and boost revenues by selling through other peoples'

  networks and other methods.


•  Expand your customer base by selling through other peoples' networks

•  Recruit extra salespeople to sell for you without paying extra salaries

•  Increase earnings as others sell your products and services

•  Earn reseller commissions by selling for others

•  Zero/minimal setup costs and quick to launch

•  Boost your product/service range with zero development time or costs

•  Complete turnkey system - all instructions, letters and templates included

•  Foster cooperation, not competition, promote others as they promote you

•  Expand your network and sell more at the same time

- Find out more: Affiliate Program sample (pdf file)                                  75,000 yen


Do you want to advertise to the English-speaking market in Japan?

Business Grow can offer your organization cost-effective advertising options in a comprehensive range of magazines and websites in Japan at discounted prices – saving you time, effort and money. Simply talk to us about your company’s advertising requirements, and we will present you with a targeted list of options.


Getting your message across to potential customers in a language they can understand is crucial to boosting your sales. Business Grow’s Tokyo-based translation partner has been servicing an extensive range of blue chip corporates, industry leaders and many other clients around the world for more than 15 years.

Utilize an experienced and highly competent team of translators, skillful publishing software operators and experienced proofreading/editing staff.

What’s in it for your business?
• Accurate translations into multiple languages
• Localization
• Manual production
• DTP services
• Document resource management services


Business Grow can offer your business an efficient, cost-effective English website and document checking service. We can provide advice regarding correct English usage on websites, in reports, documents, advertising material, e-mails, etc.

As professional media consultants, Business Grow can -

•  Review your existing website and marketing material with a view to optimizing its

    impact on your target audience.

•  Give you a Website Recommendation Report listing key ways your website and marketing

    content could be improved.

•  Proofread your website, rewrite, edit and correct grammar and improve style where

    necessary. (1,800 yen/200 words).

•  Write fresh content for you where necessary, ie: case studies, business success

    stories, executive biographies, promotional material, and more.

Website text - Professionally written website text tailored specifically for corporate use and aimed at broadening exposure and increasing sales.


Please ask for more information or a quotation.





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