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Sample Work

The following presents a sample of people and subjects that we have either directly interviewed (* ) or written about -


International Business

Nissan Revival Plan: Nissan Corporate Communications VP, Mr. Simon Sproule  Read Article

Nissan Corporation: Revving up your Corporate Communications   Read Article

Google Japan Inc.: president Mr. Norio Murakami   Read Article
Global Investment: The Carlyle Group, Mr. Ken Albolote *

Membership benefits program, KUDOS: Mr. Graham Harris *
Intercultural Consulting: Ms. Rochelle Kopp *
Harlequin Romance Novels: Japanese president, Ms. Belinda Hobbs * Read Article

Guerrilla Marketing: Mr. William Reed *
Breakaway Chef's Fusion Flair: Mr. Eric Gower *
Ryokan Booking Service: Japanese Guest Houses *

Californian Wine Importer: SanSonoma Wine Company *   Read Article
Luxury Accommodation Operator: Int'l Hospitality Connections *
Video Game Localization: Mr. Daniel Monteverde *
Business Crisis Management: Northwest Airlines
Shinsei vs. Mizuho bank case comparison
Foreign-managed Brewery: Baird Beer


Coffee Maestro: Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd, president Mr. Kouta Matsuda *

Nissan Corporation: Corporate Communications for Entrepreneurs    Read Article

Business Incubator: LINC Media, Mr. Terrie Lloyd *
Panache Corporation: Mr. Paul Goldsmith *

I.T. e-commerce: ValueCommerce, Founder Mr. Tim Williams *   Read Article

Technology Investment: Building 2, Mr. Mike Alfant   Read Article
Internet Advertising: ValueClick Japan, Mr. Jonathan Hendriksen *

Publisher: Being A Broad, Ms. Caroline Pover *

Metroplis magazine president, Mr. Mark Devlin   Read Article

eigoTown president, Mr. Russell Willis   Read Article
Public Relations: Cosmo Public Relations Corporation president Ms. Kumi Sato *
IGC Japan Ltd, ACCJ President, Mr. Lance Lee *   Read Article

Corporate Catering: Corporate Gourmet, Ms. Corrine Smith *  Read Article
Information Technology in Farming: Ms. Natalia Roschina *
Education Consultancy: Hopes Inc., Ms. Ruriko Nomura *   Read Article

Digital Television: iTV Japan, Mr. Kerry Kennedy   Read Article

Life Coaching: Momentum president, Ms. Wendy Kerr *


Ambassadors / Notable Dignitaries

Australian Wallabies Rugby Head Coach, Mr. Eddie Jones *   Read Article

New Zealand Ambassador to Japan: Mr. Phillip Gibson *

Angolan Ambassador to Japan *

Slovakian Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Swedish Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Czech Republic Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Ukraine Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Uruguain Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Cameroon Ambassador to Japan *

Wife of the Egyptian Ambassador to Japan *
Wife of the Venezuelan Ambassador to Japan *

Japanese in Business

HATO Bus Tour Guide *

A TO Z Sado Enterprises Ltd: Ms. Ann Sado *
JETRO Test Coordinator: Ms. Reiko Kimura *
Japanese Language School: JACS Institute *
United Airlines Flight Attendant: Ms. Haruko Kajiyama *
Boosting Real Estate Profits in Hawaii: Ms. Hanako Hata *
Education Counseling in Sydney: Ms. Chieko Sasaki *
Four Seasons Hotel Concierge: Ms. Etsuko Higashide *
Spreading Spanish Music to the Masses: Japonicus *

Japanese Culture

Exploring the Liquid Luxury of Sensual Sake: Mr. John Gauntner *
Discovering the Secret World of Geisha: Mr. Peter MacIntosh *
Japanese Pottery expert - Yakimono: Mr. Robert Yellin *

Japanese Manga *

Zen *
Master of Ikebana: Ms. Karen Henton *
Bonsai Love Affair Building Bridges to the World: Mr. Yoshi Nakamizu *

Pop Bonsai! *

Japanese Society

Tourism - Today's Tourists Sound Off *
Japanese Corporate Warriors
Who Says Japanese Girls are Easy?
Are Japanese Girl's Clothes Sexy, or....?
The Settai Experience *
Who Pays on a Date?
For Whom are you Making Up?
Why Do Japanese Girls Like Fortune Telling?

Feature Articles

Million-selling Motivational Speaker/ Author - Andrew Matthews

Entrepreneurs on the Edge - The Power in the Passion *

Million copy Best-selling author: "My Darling is a Foreigner" *

Forging your Financial Future - Financial Investments *

Credit Card Fraud *

Japan National Tourist Organization - JNTO *

100 yen stores - Daiso

Off to War - the Battle for Iraq *
Unveiling the Secrets of Working in a Japanese Company *

Foreign Entertainer in Japan - Mr. Patrick Harlan *

Foreign Entertainer in Japan - Caiya *

Wowing Audiences without the Wasabi - The Sushi Brothers *
Wining & Dining - Can you Find the Perfect Match?

Raising Children in Japan *
Co-Pilot Couples - Running a Business Together in Japan *
Turbo Charged Learning to Fuel Your Future - Language Schools *
Forging your Financial Future - Managed Funds *
Internet Terrorism
JETRO Business Japanese test *
Privacy and Direct Marketing
Hot Spring Bathing Around the World *
What is Being A Homestay Like? *
How do you Express your Hidden Love?

Small Business

How to Get Published in a Magazine *
How to Promote your Professional Services on a Limited Budget *
Taking on the Competition - San Sonoma Wine Company *
How to Unlock to Power of Digital Marketing Solutions for your Business *
Healthy Entrepreneurs - Building your Business without Burning Out *
Search Engine Optimization *

Business Process Outsourcing



Bridgestone Today Museum *
Home Wireless Networking
Microsoft Security Issues

IT Investment for Success
Japanese Mobiles Rocks! Mobile Technology in Japan


Social Issues

Fair Deal for Third World Workers: Ms. Safia Minney *
Japan - A Haven for International Child Abduction? *
Sexual Harassment *
Food Bank Japan *
Every day is World AIDS Day at MAC
Japanese returning home: A 'foreigner' in his own Land *
Is the Divorce Rate really Rising?

Outdoor Sports Businesses / Clubs

Sports Paradise in Hokkaido: Scott's Adventure Tours *
Tokyo Metropolitan Soccer League *
Domestic Tourism: Japan Adventures *
Kansai International Outdoor Club *
20 Million Japanese are Mad about Mahjong *
Contract Bridge - The World's Most Popular Card Game *

Performing Arts

World's First Robot Comedy - Zenjiro *
'Douyou' - more than mere music: Mr. Greg Irwin *
Professional Actor: Mr. Robert Tsonos *
Brazilian Model has Japan in her Sights
Top Artist from Bosnia Herzegovnia: Ms. Jadranka Stojakovic *

Environmental Issues

Mobile Phone Danger: Tecno AO Asia Ltd. *
Kansai Airports: Flights of Fancy?

Business Coverage / Copywriting

Cross Cultural Frontline: Japanese Souvenir Shop *
Popular Tokyo Spots - Capsule Hotels *
Airlines Advertorial - Alitalia, Northwest airlines

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