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Business Newsletters

What are business newsletters ?

Business newsletters are a great new way for you to reach potential clients, tell them about your business, and increase goodwill by helping them at the same time.

In a nutshell, a business newsletter is a sponsored 1-2 sided information-packed promotional document that is distributed to attendees of professional business seminars inside the welcome pack they receive at the door.

Business newsletters are designed to act as a vehicle for businesses like yours to provide key, relevant and useful information to organization members in a clear, easy-to-read, take-home format – and advertise at the same time.

Business newsletters describe How To…. carry out a particular task, ie:

How to set up an affiliate marketing program

How to get published in a magazine

How to carry out internet marketing     

How to protect your PC network from security threats, etc.



- Nissan
- ValueCommerce
- StrataWorks
- PM Global
- Corporate Gourmet
- Sozon - 1
- Sozon - 2
- Business Incubators
- Marketing Secrets that Get Results - KUDOS
- Entrepreneur Taking Fair Trade Mainstream - People Tree
- Taking on the Big Boys In Japan - Wine In Style


Subject to conditions, Business Grow can supply business newsletters to a variety of professional business organizations in Japan, including:

- Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo (

- Digital Eve Japan (

- Australia & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (


How it Works:

1/ At an initial meeting, Business Grow can suggest a suitable organization or business

   group for you to offer your expertise. Business Grow will then conduct an informal interview

   to gather your advice and create a business newsletter. The newsletter, which would

   highlight your core products, services and contact information, can be rounded off with

   a special offer to organization members to encourage them to visit your website

   and purchase.

2/ The business newsletter can then be printed and inserted into seminar welcome packs,


     a/ Given to everyone who walks through the door

     b/ E-mailed to every member, and

     c/ Placed in the organization's website for everyone to read - providing total coverage

        of the organization.



•  Increased exposure and potential sales for your business at a very cost-effective price.

•  Business newsletters can reach many potential clients, and by providing free education,

   you will enhance your company's credibility.

•  All you need is specialist knowledge and a desire to promote your business in a very

   innovative way.

Praise for business newsletters:

"[Business newsletters] are really impressive. That is one of the best use of design and colour for an acrobat article that I have ever seen. And the content makes you want to keep reading." Michael U., Tokyo

"This [business newsletter about Nissan Corporation] is a GREAT article! Extremely professional, a pleasure to read and very informative! Well done!"  Zack V, Tokyo

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