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Executive Focus Newsletters


What are Executive Focus newsletters ?


Executive Focus newsletters are a great new way for you to reach potential clients, tell them about your business and increase goodwill by helping them at the same time.

In a nutshell, Executive Focus newsletters are high quality articles highlighting how executives have overcome the odds and built successful businesses. These inspiring articles describe how they “made it” and cover a wide range of topics including corporate and personal achievements, successful strategies, innovative technologies, products and services.

Samples: [coming soon]

How it Works

1/ At an initial meeting, Business Grow can suggest a suitable organization for you to offer your expertise. Business Grow will then conduct an informal interview to gather your advice and create an Executive Focus newsletter. The newsletter, which would highlight your core products, services and contact information, can be rounded off with a special offer to organization members to encourage them to visit your website and purchase.

2/ The Executive Focus newsletter can then be printed and -

    a/ Distributed to everyone who walks through the door,

    b/ E-mailed to every member, and

    c/ Placed in the organization's website for everyone to read

        - providing total coverage of the organization.


• Increased exposure and potential sales for your business at a very cost-effective price.

• Executive Focus newsletters can reach many potential clients, and by providing free

   education, you will enhance your company's credibility.

• All you need is an impressive success story you would like to share with a specific target

   audience, and a desire to promote your business in a very innovative way.

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